GRAND PERFUME 50ml spray

3,55  (+ VAT)

Daily perfume

  • Paper included to make a paper air freshener
  • Perfume made in France
  • 50 ml spray
  • Easy and simple to use

Available flavors

Grand Perfume Magnum air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
grand perfume Amber Rose air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
grand perfume anti tobacco air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
Grand Perfume Gentleman air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
Grand Perfume Green Mandarin air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
Grand Perfume Platinum air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
grand perfume red fruits air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)
Grand Perfume Vanilla & Sandalwood air freshener
3,55  (+ VAT)

GRAND Perfume Magnum, your ultimate solution for luxurious fragrance in the form of a convenient spray and paper air freshener. The perfume is imported exclusively from France. GRAND Perfume offers a symphony of scents that will instantly enchant your surroundings.

GRAND Perfume Magnum comes in a 50ml spray bottle making it convenient and easy to use. Whether you use it as an air freshener or spray it onto the paper provided to create a stunning air freshener, GRAND Perfume will ensure that you have a long lasting and noticeable fragrance experience.

There is a wide range of captivating fragrances to choose from, including Amber Rose, Anti-Tobacco, Gentleman, Green Mandarin, Platinum, Red and Vanilla & Sandalwood.

GRAND Perfume is the perfect choice for your home or car. The unique paper inside allows you to create your own personalised air freshener. The luxurious GRAND Perfume Magnum allows a single spray to instantly change the scent of your surroundings and lasts a long time. Simple and convenient, GRAND Perfume is your ultimate fragrance companion.

Take out the glass bottle from the box and start spraying:
- in any room that requires refreshing
- anywhere if you just want to seat and relax in nice scent around
- spray the fragrance on added paper card and hang it in the car on in any place (but don't let paper card touch any surface)
- spray inside the car like perfumes
- spray it inside you shoes or your bag to take the nice smell with you

Classic shaped glass bottle with elegance spray pump that holds inside nice fragrance of your choosing. Decorated with assigned to the scent small label so you won't forget with scent you are using. All of that packed in very gifty, elegance box with additional soaking-paper card inside!

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