ORGANIC powerful air freshener

2,75  (+ VAT)

Soaked pieces of wood

  • Metal can
  • Adjustable power of Fragrance
  • Lasts up to 30 days

Available flavors

organic air freshener apple cinamon
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener arctic ice
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic bubble gum air freshener
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic cherry air freshener
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener coconut
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener lemon
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener gentleman
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener new car
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener strawberry
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic vanilla air freshener
2,75  (+ VAT)
organic air freshener sandalwood
2,75  (+ VAT)

ORGANIC Air Perfume, a timeless classic in an improved form. Made from soaked pieces of wood infused with a special fragrance composition, ORGANIC Air Perfume is a trusted air freshener that has stood the test of time.

Each ORGANIC air freshener is encased in a metal can. The power of the scent can be adjusted to suit your personal preference. ORGANIC Air Perfume provides a constant burst of freshness in any room with a lasting power of up to 30 days.

Choose from a variety of delightful fragrances including Coconut, Apple & Cinnamon, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Arctic Ice, Lemon, Gentleman, New Car, Vanilla, Vanilla & Sandalwood and Strawberry.

ORGANIC Air Perfume has highly effective air freshening properties, perfect for areas where a strong and long lasting fragrance is required. Freshen up your surroundings with the essence of nature captured in each canister and enhance your space with the uplifting fragrance of ORGANIC Air Perfume.

We take sustainability seriously, which is why our air fresheners have a reduced carbon footprint. From the recyclable aluminium canister to the biodegradable wood pieces inside, every component is carefully chosen to minimise the impact on the environment.

Take out plastic lid and open the can. Put back plastic lid and adjust intensivity as you prefer. Places to enjoy the product:
- in your car on cup space or if you shy under the seat or in the trunk
- at home in any closet or drawer
- in any room you want to have a nice smelly background
- at the kitchen under the sink or next to the trash can
- at the bathroom behind the toilet as you silent any-smell helper

3 organic wooden blocks with choosed fragrance, closed in metal can with elegance black plastic lid with fragrance intensivity regulation.
All finished with very nice and colorfull label around the can.

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