JELLY PEARLS 150ml parfum d'ambiance décoratif

1,66  (+ TVA)

Perles d'eau

  • Décore la maison et l'atmosphère
  • Decorative jar 150ml
  • Formule spécialement développée
  • Facile et simple à utiliser
  • Produit sûr à base d'eau

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Jelly Pearls 150ml, the perfect air freshener in the form of scented pearls to refresh and decorate your home. Each jar contains 150ml of safe, water based pearls, ensuring a delightful and long lasting fragrance.

Select from a variety of refreshing scents including Fruits, Ocean Fresh, Orient, Watermelon and Lavender.

Jelly Pearls 150 is designed to bring a refreshing and captivating scent to your home with its natural ingredients. The water-based formula provides a refreshing and captivating scent while the minimalist and elegant design of the jar adds a touch of sophistication to your decor.

This air freshener is easy and simple to use, and perfect for placing in a visible area so that you can enjoy both the fragrance and the appearance of it. Jelly Pearls 150 is the minimalist and elegant solution for refreshing and decorating your home.

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