Buying an Air Freshener for your Car? Have you Considered these Factors?

how to choose car air freshener

Pubblicato: 2024-05-08

It is said that odors are more powerful than words. It brings good thoughts, uplifts positive energy and creates some clusters of memories to be remembered for long.

Cars are mostly closed spaces lacking in air circulation. It is easy for different seasonal variations and other environmental factors to lead to an exhausting filthy smell. Those blissful rides turn into intolerable ones.

Enter Car Air Fresheners

No one wants to get into a car that smells filthy as it gets tagged to your own personal sense of hygiene creating low impressions on people. And so, comes air freshener as a necessity more than a luxury for vehicle owners.

But just making up your mind for the most appropriate air freshener isn’t enough. Sometimes the smell you get is exhausting and irritating. Whereas the cheap ones last for hardly two days. In case you are scratching your head on how to buy the apt air freshener then this guide will give you a complete overview of air fresheners.

Unraveling the potion’s ingredients

Air fresheners are consumer products which emit fragrances and are typically used for small close knit interiors like cars. Masking is generally used in car fragrances. In the ingredients, you will find fragrances, solvents, aerosol propellants, terpenes, glycol ethers, and preservatives.

Types of Car Air Fresheners

There are various types of car air fresheners. Mostly people are confused about which type of air freshener is suitable for their cars. Here are a few types for your reference:

There are most commonly used where cardboard pieces are scented. Just hang them on your rear view mirror or on the passenger seat handle and enjoy the fragrance. As they’re just cardboard, they are relatively cheap, thus becoming one of the best air fresheners for cars. They typically last for 5-8 weeks.

  • Non hanging paper air fresheners

This is a new inclusion in the world of air fresheners. These are thin paper fabrics imbibed in oil and fragrance and emit sweet smell while absorbing the foul one. They are effective for 2-3 weeks.

  • Sticky gel fresheners

The use of gels containing oils is a popular genre of air fresheners. The sticky oil gels embedded within a sticky body is great for car owners. These can be placed anywhere on a dry even surface. Usually they are placed on the dashboard, from where these sticky fresheners emit soothing fragrance inside the car.

These are sticky objects containing oil fragrances attached to the ac vents with a clip. Whenever the AC is on, the air from the vents will mix with the fragrance and emit fragrant air inside the car. This way, the driver and passengers can get to breathe aromatic air. They tend to be relatively inexpensive.

One of the most popularly used and best auto air fresheners are oil wicks. Small plastic bottles with fragrance oil and wick are attached on to the ac vents. Just like vent sticks, when the AC is turned on, the air coming from the vent mixes with the fragrant oil and is released with fragrances.

  • Aerosols

These are liquid or gaseous pressurized sprays in a can. You need to spray them regularly for overpowering the bad odor. They provide an immediate result with bad odors being eliminated within a matter of a minute or two. Make sure to buy a fragrance that is not too overpowering for your comfort and you can get a great option for maintaining a vibrant environment within the car’s confines.

  • Oil diffusers

The latest in technologies of air fresheners comes with oil diffusers. Here a mixture of fragrances is used, they are also attached to the ac vents through its wick. They come with an added modulator so that you can fix how much fragrance you want to release at any given time, thus making it one of the longest lasting car air fresheners and reducing the overwhelming feeling.

  • Plug ins

As the name suggests, these are plugged in to the power outlet of your car. They contain a mixture of oils and are very cost effective. With electrical supply, the oil inside the casing heats up and releases aroma into the car, thus making the car environment pleasant.

Trusting your own senses when buying the fragrance

When it comes to choosing car fragrances, it makes perfect sense to not get influenced by other’s choices. It’s your car which you have to drive, so getting something that makes you overwhelmed is a strict no-no. While choosing fragrances, think about the smells which makes you happy, reminds you of a holiday experience, makes you feel pepped up and exuberant. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

  •  A choice for all

A car comes like a family member. So, while spending on fragrances don’t choose something that makes your family members irritated or overwhelmed. Discuss with members who will ride quite often and select on fragrances. In case you and your spouse have diametrically different opinions select something baseline. In general, it is always best to opt for natural car fresheners like mint, grass, lavender, fruits etc instead of choosing something dark and musky.

  • Longevity

As already mentioned in the types long lasting car air fresheners is something that acts as a deciding factor when it comes to air fresheners. So before choosing any fragrance don’t be afraid to ask its type, life span, half life and all the associated information.

  • Go seasonal

Every season comes with its variation and offers us different moods. So why not go seasonal with car fragrances as well. Opt for minty or soothing in summer, fruity or flowery in spring, and Christmasy with woods oaks in winter.

  • Check for reviews

It is always best to check reviews for products before settling for them. Run a web search and see what people are saying about your pinned products, about their claimed longevity and fragrances.

  • Choose a scent and not a perfume

You need a car scent that can soothe your body and soul from within. Don’t fall prey to marketable products and opt for just any car perfume. Choose something from everyday life that makes you happy.Keep changing the fragrance from time to time and make your rides as vibrant as always.

These were some important factors to keep in mind when buying a car freshener. Consider these points and you would end up getting an amazing fragrance that will deliver total value for every dollar invested.

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author: Waldemar Stasiak