Air fresheners – how to use:

Live Fresh & Smile – our motto on solving unexpected daily life situations. Good air freshener may calm you down making it easier to take decision. Just watch our short explanation how to smile 😊


We are the industry top air fresheners manufacturer

ELiX Corporate Group is specializing in manufacturing air fresheners. The company was founded in 1999, and since then has grown into one of the biggest players on the market, a global supplier of high quality air freshening products.

ELiX’s headquarters and main production facilities are located in Wroclaw, Poland. We constantly launch new product lines that help us and our distributors to create new trends in our sector and become truly innovative leader.

We specialize in air fresheners and odor neutralizers

We started the company with profound passion for the quality of air around us. The air aroma as we would say it. From this love to freshness in the world came the richness of reliable, high-quality air-care products. Each of them conceived with care and deep understanding of essence of the issue. All that to create safe and strong products that match the ideas of our customers and meet their expectations in quality and price.

natural air fresheners manufacturer

Our position on the market and expanding trust among our clients would not be possible without the professional manner we conduct our business and high standards we keep in best regards. One of the most important is using safe and natural ingredients in manufacturing every single item. We are proud to maintain healthy habits in consideration and utmost respect for the nature and its laws.

Live Fresh & Smile

That’s our motto as well as the answer to why our products are the best. There is no quality compromise when we design and manufacture our merchandise. We do our best to always make our customers Live Fresh & Smile. Breathe deep and enjoy every second of it!

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