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Live Fresh & Smile:

ELiX since 1999 - air freshener manufacturers

Who We Are

ELiX is a leading provider of natural and semi natural air fresheners. Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland (EU). We are a team of experts who have leading technical and creative capabilities for the customer we serve, primarily automotive aftermarket, air care and home care products distributors, hypermarkets and private label owners. Our company strategy is based on a foundations of innovation, creativity and excellence. We serve customers all over the world.


What We Do

There’s nothing like a simple smile. At ELiX, we design with passion nature inspired solutions that thanks to innovative technologies, distinguish our products and create customer satisfaction. We deliver the highest quality air fresheners and odor eliminators, comprehensive regulatory and logistic support and best manufacturing process.


Nature is tempting

One of the most important is using safe and natural ingredients in manufacturing every single air freshener. We are proud to maintain healthy practices with utmost respect for the nature and its laws.


Live Fresh & Smile

There is no quality compromise when we design and manufacture our merchandise. As an air freshener manufacturer, we do our best to always make our customers live in natural fresh air & smile. With a wide variety of scents to choose from, it is the most practical way to add continuous fresh fragrance to your home or car. Breathe deep and enjoy every second of the soothing aroma!

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