flower essence

  • A real garden at your home
  • Flower essences and botanical extracts
  • 300 ml spray

Aromas of NATURE 300ml spray, a natural botanical garden in a bottle. Infused with botanical extracts and flower essences, each spray brings the magic of a real garden into your home.

Pick your favourite from a selection of delightful fragrances, including Ginseng, Rose, Marigold and Hop Cones.

Aromas of NATURE can be used as more than just an air freshener; it’s an herbal mood booster. Simply spray into your room and let the herbal ingredients take effect, refreshing the atmosphere and creating a calming environment.

Each herbal ingredient has been carefully selected for its calming properties. But it’s not just about the benefits of the herbs, their captivating fragrances are just as important. This line of fragrances promises to create scents that you’ll fall in love with the first moment you use them, bringing a touch of nature’s tranquillity into your home.

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