1,31  (+ MWST.)

Organic granulate

  • Multi-purpose air freshener
  • Organic perfume carrier
  • Hält bis zu 30 Tage
  • Leicht und einfach zu bedienen

Verfügbare Geschmacksrichtungen

fresh bag air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
natural fresh bag air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
fresh bag cherry air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
sachet air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
lemon air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
new car air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)
vanilla air freshener
1,31  (+ MWST.)

ORGANIC Fresh Bag, your eco-friendly solution for refreshing any room with natural freshness. A multi-purpose air freshener that effortlessly revitalises your surroundings. Each Fresh Bag contains all-natural, plant-based pellets infused with fragrance essences inside a neat pouch.

ORGANIC Fresh Bag provides a continuous release of fragrance, leaving your home or car smelling great for up to 30 days. It is simple and easy to use. Just place the bag wherever you like and let the organic perfume work its magic.

There is a variety of captivating fragrances to choose from including Vanilla, New Car, Lemon, Gentleman, Cherry, Bubble Gum and Arctic Ice.

ORGANIC Fresh Bag is the perfect air freshener for your home and car, with scented granules that release the fragrance evenly, ensuring a consistent aroma throughout the whole space. With ORGANIC Fresh Bag, you can experience the best known method of room scenting – where natural freshness meets effortless convenience.

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