ZEN 50ml Rohrdiffusor

1,99  (+ MWST.)


  • Natural ingredients
  • Compact packaging
  • Lang anhaltender Duft

Verfügbare Geschmacksrichtungen

Zen home air freshener reed diffuser black
1,99  (+ MWST.)
zen home air freshener blue reed diffuser
1,99  (+ MWST.)
zen red home air freshener reed diffuser
1,99  (+ MWST.)
zen yellow home air freshener reed diffuser
1,99  (+ MWST.)

Zen Reed Diffuser, the perfect home air freshener created to transform your surroundings into a calm and peaceful oasis of tranquility.

Zen Reed Diffusers are available in four captivating colour-inspired fragrances: Black, Blue, Red and Yellow.

Let the Zen Reed Diffuser bring the transformative power of fragrance into your home. The reed diffusers are made from all natural ingredients. They capture the essence of a blooming garden, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere.

As well as being effective, the Zen Reed Diffuser is also affordable as it offers a wonderful fragrance for the home at a competitive price. Its convenient packaging ensures a reasonably priced solution without compromising on quality.

Zen Reed Diffuser enhances the ambience of any room with its minimalist and elegant style. The sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your space, making it the perfect addition to create a serene and stylish atmosphere in your home. Let the Zen Reed Diffuser enhance your space with its delightful scents and elegant design.

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