How do you identify and remove unpleasant odours in the home?

Veröffentlicht: 2024-05-08

Everyone loves keeping their home neat and well-arranged. However, there is one pertinent problem – the consistently occurring bad smell in the house. Are you one of the millions of homeowners who face the problem of bad odor emanating from the home premises? Be it a baby in the house, a pet, or general living conditions, there can be multiple reasons for bad odor. It is no surprise that every homeowner wants an effective smelly house remedy.

Identifying the causes of the smelly culprits

Most situations like fried fish or used baby diapers can be easily identified as the source of putrid smells arising in and around the house.  However, some odors choose to linger in the air forever and impact the residential living conditions.

Let’s look at some causes of house odors

1 – Mold

Mold on the walls, ceiling, cracks, or behind the furniture can give out a strong smell. Make sure to identify which part of the house is the source of this moldy smell.

2 – Fishy smell

Other than the actual fish odor, a similar odor occurs when electrical wiring is exposed to high heat. Check up on all the power outlets to see if this is the case.

3 – Poor ventilation

Lack of ventilation means that smells from bathroom and kitchen doesn’t escape the premises and hang in the air. It requires opening up windows or using an exhaust fan to suck out this air.

How to get rid of bad odor in the house?

Now that we have identified the key causes for bad odor in the house, let see how we can best get rid of these and eliminate odors in the home.

1 – General environment

If you want to enhance the smell of the overall environment in the house then you can cut lemons in half and place them in inconspicuous corners of the house.  For quick results, you can also go for air freshener sprays. These are effective in covering the malodor and making the general environment comfortable enough for the residents. One such great product is the Organic from ELiX. It comes in a variety of aromas like arctic ice, strawberry, coconut, and sunny mango, and will neutralize the bad odor effectively

2 – Refrigerator and kitchen

Keeping the fridge odor-free is one of the top objectives of a modern homeowner. This is why products like the Odor Block neutralizer for refrigerator comes across as a handy product. It acts well on the refrigerator and banishes bad odor.

Sinks and drains can also trap a lot of foul odor with the waste that goes down them. Using kitchen air sprays can help eliminate the foul smell.

3 – Floors and walls

For floors and walls, cellulose-based air fresheners like The Perfume and Absorber can come in handy. Be it a shoe rack, living room, curtains, or wardrobe, the product can effectively remove odor and leave a lingering fragrance in a range of aromas like sweet vanilla, love potion, and Siberian ice.

4 – Upholstery and carpet

For pet urine or skunk smell, targeted products like Odor Block and Fresh – Cat, and the Odor Block and Fresh – Dog will be useful. These pet smell neutralizers use natural essential oils to refresh the house’s ambience and let the homeowners have a cheerful time with their pets. Additionally, these products are tested safe for pets.

5 – How to get rid of bedroom odor

Living rooms and bedrooms have quite a few furniture pieces. They are ideal spots for developing a musty smell that lingers 24 x 7 in the air. You can sprinkle baking soda on the furniture, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum off the powder traces from the surface.

Other than the furniture, you may want to keep away the temporary odors that hang in the air. Since you and your loved ones will spend the night resting in the bedroom, it is important to have good quality air to get a good night’s sleep. For this, you can sprinkle a few sprays of a reputed home air freshener around the room.

6 – Musty odor

Usually, the musty odor arises due to a closed space that doesn’t get enough ventilation and air. To overcome this problem, all you need to do is open up the windows and let the fresh air in. For mildew, it is recommended to go with spraying distilled white vinegar. You can soak an abrasive sponge in hot water and scrub off the mildew from the surface.

Make sure to put on protective rubber gloves before starting the task. In case the spread of mold or mildew is wide then it makes sense to call in professional experts rather than going the DIY route.

To conclude

Everyone likes a home that smells good. But bad odors cannot be avoided. It is best to tackle this problem before it becomes a nuisance. Many of the odors can be eliminated simply by spraying a good quality air freshener around the room.

These room fresheners can deliver effective results as a house odor eliminator. But specific cases like mold buildup requires a more thorough cleaning approach to get the desired results.

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Author: Waldemar Stasiak