Warum benutzen Menschen Lufterfrischer?

Veröffentlicht: 2024-05-08

The most popular reason to use air fresheners is because users like the fragrance where smell is the most important factor with response of 51% of answers. Important reason to use air freshener is refreshing the air in room – 44% and to neutralize, eliminate bad smells and odors – 43%. Very important for air fresheners users is to create specific atmosphere 28% and to connect functionality of air freshener as a decorative item in house, where some natural solutions as natural scented flowers are the most popular solution with 27% response.

Among people who do not use air fresheners the most common reason is preference to open the window – 52%. Second important reason not to use air fresheners is because the fragrances are too strong – 31% and conviction that these products are not environmentally friendly – 23%. For 20% air fresheners are expensive. For 18% argues that air fresheners are not good for health. Only 5% as a reason point that the fragrance in general are too weak.

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Author: Waldemar Stasiak