HOME PERFUME 100ml reed diffuser

5,05  (+ VAT)

Home air perfume

  • Natural fragrances
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • 100 ml

Available flavors

Home air freshener reed diffuser Cotton & Fresh Wind
5,05  (+ VAT)
Home air freshener reed diffuser Freesia & Violet
5,05  (+ VAT)
Home air freshener reed diffuser Green Leaves & Bergamot
5,05  (+ VAT)
Home air freshener reed diffuser Watermelon & Banana
5,05  (+ VAT)

Home Air Perfume, the natural and ecological solution to creating a tranquil haven in your home. Each Home Air Perfume features carefully crafted blends of natural fragrances from the finest sources to bring the essence of a blooming garden into your home.

Choose from a variety of enchanting scents including Water Lily & Tulip, Watermelon & Banana, Leaves & Bergamot, Freesia & Violet and Cotton & Fresh Wind.

Our Home Air Perfume is housed in a 100ml bottle. The perfume is designed to provide a long lasting and captivating fragrance. It comes with a set of high quality reed sticks, carefully designed to maximise the diffusion of the fragrance, ensuring a consistent and delightful experience in any room.

The natural ingredients in our home perfumes create a sense of tranquillity similar to that of a blooming garden. Create a serene and welcoming atmosphere with Home Air Perfume, where each scent note creates an enchanting symphony that permeates the air. Refresh your space and immerse yourself in the soothing scents of Home Air Perfume.

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