HOME PERFUME 125ml reed diffuser

5,35  (+ VAT)

Home air perfume

  • Natural fragrances
  • Packaging made from recycled materials
  • 125 ml

Available flavors

home perfume reed diffuser Jasmine & Monoi
5,35  (+ VAT)
home perfume reed diffuser Leather & Tuberose
5,35  (+ VAT)
Home Perfume reed diffuser Vanilla & Sandalwood
5,35  (+ VAT)

Home Perfume 125, the perfectly crafted home air freshener designed to leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. Each Home Perfume 125 is made up of carefully selected blends of natural fragrances safely encased in a stylish brown bottle. The package includes a set of high-quality reed sticks, carefully designed to maximize scent diffusion for a consistent and delightful experience.

There is a selection of delicious fragrances to choose from, including Vanilla & Sandalwood, Leather & Tuberose and Jasmine & Monoi.

Each bottle contains 125ml of perfume, which is 25% more than a standard product of this type. Home Perfume is a natural and ecological product that is packaged in recycled materials, including a bottle made from recycled PET, thus ensuring sustainability while enhancing the atmosphere of your home.

Make a change in your environment with home fragrances that evoke the essence of a garden in bloom. The natural ingredients will transport you to a peaceful sanctuary of fragrance, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere.

The beautiful box of Home Perfume 125 makes it perfect for gift giving or as a little treat for yourself. Its minimalist design blends seamlessly into every interior, ensuring your space is filled with delightful scents and a touch of eco-friendly luxury. Treat yourself to the freshness and relaxation of Home Perfume 125!

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