RINGO Cherry

2,30  (+ VAT)

Embark on a sweet escape to a sun-kissed orchard with this delightful air freshener. Imagine strolling through rows of almond trees, their delicate fragrance blending with the freshness of green leaves. As you continue, the heart of the scent unfolds like a tempting fruit basket – plump cherries, creamy coconut, and ripe strawberries beckon you closer. Finally, the base notes wrap you in a warm embrace, with comforting vanilla and a hint of musk. This air freshener captures the essence of a blissful orchard, infusing your space with the sweetness of nature’s bounty.

RINGO, your perfect in-car companion, transforms every moment behind the wheel. Designed to fit seamlessly into any car ventilation system, RINGO instantly enhances your driving experience and provides a smooth, fragrant journey. Say goodbye to unwanted tobacco odours as RINGO releases a continuous burst of captivating aroma, enveloping your car in freshness.

RINGO is designed to release the scent gradually over a period of one month, ensuring that the scent permeates the entire material, maintaining a consistently pleasant atmosphere. Its discreet design not only effectively neutralises odours, but also adds a touch of elegance to your car’s interior.

Every time you enter your vehicle, feel the power of RINGO and enjoy a refreshing and odour-free environment. Enjoy discreet, elegant designs that prioritise great scents over overpowering mascots.

Effortlessly fitting into any car ventilation system, RINGO provides a seamless experience, ensuring your car remains inviting and welcoming every time you drive. Take your journeys to new heights of comfort and freshness with RINGO.

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