ABSORBER eliminador de olores y ambientador 250ml

3,42  (+ IVA)


  • Effectively and permanently remove odors
  • Lab tested technology
  • Nanoparticle Malodour Absorber
  • Technology developed at ELiX

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3,42  (+ IVA)
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3,42  (+ IVA)
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3,42  (+ IVA)
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3,42  (+ IVA)

ABSORBER Odor Eliminator, your powerful solution for effective and long-lasting odour elimination. Developed using advanced lab-tested technology and nanoparticle malodour absorbers, ABSORBER Odor Eliminator is a line of air fresheners designed to eliminate unwanted odours.

A wide range of specialised options are available, including lines aimed at Anti-Tobacco, Car, Entrance Hall, Kitchen and Bedroom.

Every ABSORBER Odour Eliminator has a unique formula that effectively removes unpleasant odours, leaving behind a pleasant and noticeable scent that lasts for a long time. It is simple and convenient to use, immediately changing the scent of the environment and creating a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.

The effectiveness of ABSORBER Odor Eliminator, where advanced technology meets a delightful fragrance, makes it the perfect choice for eliminating odours in various spaces.

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