CLIP-IT-FRESH respiradero coche 5ml

Car’s ventilation grill

  • Air perfume
  • Evaporation through the wooden cap
  • Aceites esenciales naturales en el interior
  • Fácil y sencillo de usar

CLIP it FRESH, the convenient and stylish car air freshener designed to fit the ventilation grilles of your car. With an innovative mounting system in the ventilation grill, CLIP it FRESH offers a hassle-free solution for refreshing your car’s interior.

Each CLIP it FRESH is infused with natural essential oils that evaporate through the wooden cap, bringing a burst of delightful fragrance to your car.

Simply choose your favourite scent from a variety of options including Apple & Cinnamon, Coffee, Bubble Gum, Black, Breeze, Cherry, Pumpkin, New Car, Strawberry, Vanilla, Energy, Excite, Focus and Relax.

CLIP it FRESH is filled with the most widely used car fragrances and is extremely easy to use. Simply clip it onto your car’s ventilation grill and enjoy a refreshing and inviting scent throughout your journey. CLIP it

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