AGUA DE PLANCHADO 1000ml acabado liso & perfume

3,45  (+ IVA)


  • Large 1000 ml package
  • Safe for fabrics and colors
  • Easy ironing effect
  • Technology developed at ELiX

Sabores disponibles

ironing water smooth finish and perfume Absolute Cashmere
3,45  (+ IVA)
Ironing water smooth finish and perfume Pure Garden
3,45  (+ IVA)
ironic water smooth finish and perfume Shades Fresh
3,45  (+ IVA)

Ironing Water the perfect companion to keep your clothes effortlessly fresh and smooth with a delightful natural floral scent.

Available in three luxurious fragrances: Shades Fresh, Pure Garden and Absolute Cashmere.

Each large 1000 ml bottle contains our specially formulated fragrance. Designed to be gentle on fabrics and colours. Developed using ELiX’s advanced technology, our Ironing Water not only leaves a wonderful scent, but also makes ironing easier and more enjoyable.

Say goodbye to stubborn wrinkles and hello to smooth, beautifully scented clothes. Ironing Water contains ironing agents that help smooth the fibres of your clothes, reducing creasing and making ironing a breeze.

Glide your iron over freshly scented clothes and experience the luxury of Ironing Water. Whether it’s cotton, wool, linen, silk or synthetics, our Ironing Water is suitable for all.

Make sure your clothes are always comfortable to wear, free from wrinkles and odours. Simply spray the Ironing Water on to your ironed garments to give them a smooth finish and leave them with a delightful perfume that lingers.

Turn your ironing routine into a sensory experience with Ironing Water – the perfect choice for effortlessly fresh and smooth clothes with a touch of luxury.

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