Comment décrire correctement une odeur ?

Publié : 2024-05-08

The perfume description of particular fragrance is usually presented with the help of FRAGRANCE TRIANGLE. It’s kind of pyramid.

TOP notes: the first impression, very light and fresh notes, they are first we can identify when smelling an air freshener or perfume.

HEART notes: that’s the core of every air freshener or perfume. It comes just after TOP notes and it’s the essence of aroma.

BASE notes: makes an air freshener or perfume full depth and richness. There are the base from where the flower can grow to HEART and TOP and become full of experience and carry the accord for whole air freshener.

If you can imagine natural ROSE with beautiful red flowers, full of beautiful scents – that you can describe as:

TOP notes: Green, Fruity, Aldehydic

HEART notes: Rose, Violet

BASE notes: Amber, Honey

Is the description of the fragrance easy and always unambiguous?

A typical example would be when trying to describe a vanilla flavor. The topic seems simple and straightforward. Below is an example of a description of the fragrance Deep Vanilla from Frey & Lau – that’s what you imagined it?

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