RELAXEEN 300ml à base de plantes

Natural spray

  • Herbs based
  • Natural ingrediencies
  • long-lasting and intense fragrance

RELAXEEN 300, your natural herbal air freshener that brings the calming essence of nature into your home. Carefully designed with botanical extracts to create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.

There is a selection of different scents to choose from, including Vitality, Relaxation, Power, Harmony, Excitement and Balance.

Unlike synthetic air fresheners, RELAXEEN 300 is truly natural, containing only plant extracts. This powerful plant-based air freshener provides a long lasting and intense scent of nature.

With Relaxeen you will experience an immediate refreshing effect that lasts for days. It’s as if you’re in a real garden, surrounded by nature’s calming fragrances. Turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary with RELAXEEN 300.

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