OOPS 500ml neutralizzatore di odori CAT & DOG

4,65  (+ IVA)

Natural pet odor eliminator

  • Natural plant extracts
  • Removes odour
  • Discouraging effect

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neutralizzatore di odori per animali domestici
4,65  (+ IVA)
oops dog odor neutralizer
4,65  (+ IVA)

Oops Odour Neutraliser, the ultimate solution for effortlessly removing pet smells from your home.

Pets are beloved family members, but sometimes they leave unwanted odours. That’s where Oops Odour Neutraliser comes in, available in two varieties: for cats and for dogs.

These natural pet odour eliminators are specially formulated to effectively target and neutralise all smells, including urine odours. Whether it’s a puppy’s training accidents or a cat’s marking, Oops Odor Neutralizer has you covered. The natural plant extracts used in these products not only eliminate odours, but also leave a pleasant scent behind. This makes them an essential tool for pet owners.

Oops Odor Neutralizer’s power provides an immediate refreshing effect that lasts long, ensuring your space remains inviting for both you and your four-legged companions.

Oops Odour Neutraliser is easy to use. Simply spray the affected area or room to experience the refreshing scent. The natural ingredients are gentle yet effective, providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution to pet odour.

With Oops Odour Neutraliser you can create a harmonious environment where pet odours are a thing of the past. Enjoy the company of your pets without worrying about lingering odours. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or any other area Oops Odor Neutralizer is your solution for a fresher, more pleasant home.

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