Odor Neutralizers


Everyone everyday struggles with bad odor problem. Whether it is in Your kitchen, Your bathroom, bedroom or even living room, unpleasant odor is always unbearable. That’s why we manufacture special products odor neutralizers. Rather than mask bad smells with stronger fragrance we nullify the odor itself. It is much more efficient  way to get rid of any bad smell in your home, car, office, hotel or toilet,



ODOR / ODOUR = a perception resulting from stimulation of olfactory receptors

ODORANT = a substance that elicits an olfactory response

MALODOR = an odor that is unpleasant or disliked when perceived in a specific context

DETECTION THRESHOLD = concentration at which 50% of a human panel can identify the presence of an odor or odorant without characterizing the stimulus


Malodors can be encountered in the air, on fabrics, on bathroom or kitchen surfaces. They can emanate from human skin or hair, from pet fur, litter containers and animal cages. Malodors can also result from daily human activities like cooking, smoking, etc … . The compounds that cause malodors are often very volatile. Most common unpleasant chemical groups include short chain aliphatic acids, aldehydes and esters, nitrogen-containing compounds such as amines, sulphur-containing compounds such as thiols and sulfides.


There are different chemical groups found in malodors. We can distinguish the following sources of different types of malodors: urine, toilet odors, axillary malodors, kitchen and garbage, cigarette smoke.

There are some typical ways of eliminating malodors perception:

  1. By removing a portion of the malodor molecule to bring its detection below its threshold of detection. We can do it by removing the source of malodor by cleaning.
  2. By altering how the odorant is perceived:
  3. When malodor is absorbed in a surface-based process on granulated activated carbon or zeolites. These way of odor neutralizing is the most safe and ecological. Has no impact on sounding environment. Can be used in refrigerators and with contact with pets. These is the most safe way of odor neutralizing but some of people complain that there is no smell and it does not work.
  4. Masking – overpowering by addition of other odorants. Typical air fresheners, perfumes, deodorants.
  5. Neutralizing – by changing its chemical structure, producing malodorless by-products. It’s possible because reaction with aldehydes react with amines producing a Schiff base and water. That’s typical way of odor neutralizing process. That way can be connected with masking to create most effective home and car air fresheners.

There is no possibility to connect absorption (2.a) with masking or neutralizing. The only way to create the most effective odor neutralizer is to connect Neutralizing (2.c) with masking (2.b). The product made that way is odor neutralizer in neutralizing way and is adding some nice fragrance as a final effect. There are some natural raw materials that gives possibility to go thru the whole chemical process in natural way.



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Author: Waldemar Stasiak

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