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Visit our KNOW HOW to know more about air fresheners. You will find there more info about air fresheners market size, how to describe fragrance, scents and local sensual habits. Are you interested in methodology, how odor neutralizers works?


Refresh – new products line for professional use. Air perfume with odor neutralizer. SIMPLY & EASY to understand. Check our quality and be surprised how effective it is! Directly from air freshener manufacturer – air care specialist.

Beautyworld Middle East 2017

Thank you for visiting our stand at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai. It was really a pleasure to meet you there. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for additional details and any questions you may have.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  

New trends in air fresheners! Get ready to real refreshment!

Want to know what are the new trends in air fresheners?  We are constantly introducing new products so we needed to create an insert with the latest ones. Check out some new pages of our catalogue and find out about product premiers in 2017. All products are already available to order. 2017_NF new products


All news about new air fresheners, all new products from now are available on our Facebook page. Simply follow us on: Like us on Facebook


Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade is granted that management system of MB ELIX complies with requirements of the Standard ISO 9001:2008 and follows the rules regarding GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE included in ISO 22716:2007 standard.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

Thank you for visiting our stand at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016. In case of any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our team and we will gladly reply.

Nanotechnology in cellulose air fresheners?!

How to make paper air fresheners to last longer? – we decided to use nanotechnology! Shortening the distance, enhancing internal electronic dynamics results in smaller and durable molecules empowered by captive ingredients bring lasting scent molecules even during evaporation process. Once the empowered, compressed molecules hold by captive ingredients are placed inside the cellulose carrier… | Continue reading


ELiX Fresheners India Pvt. Ltd. will start full operation and production in March 2016. ELiX Fresheners India Pvt. Ltd. will start full operation and production in March 2016. India is a strategic big market for ELiX. To have possibility to meet specific clients’ needs we decide to set up Joint Venture there and start production… | Continue reading

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