Personalized air freshener

Elix as a flexible and innovative manufacturer offers possibility to develop private label air fresheners. Personalized air fresheners are tailor-made to meet all our Clients’ expectations, vision and design. They are also a great opportunity to balance all cost-driving factors in an offer.

Type of service

In ELiX Headquarters in our factory in Wrocław (Poland, Europe) we manufacture a wide range of air fresheners that include car air fresheners (car air freshener manufacturers), home air fresheners, odor neutralizers including odour absorbers of different purposes.
According to given requirements, we are able to adjust customization degree in order to develop personalized air fresheners (largely using our design and tools), OEM projects and ODM products where the idea, the design and manufacturing tools are developed by and for the Client exclusively.

Advantages – sound experience in value creation – personalized air fresheners offer

As ELiX is constantly inventing new products and developing new projects for the business Partners, our experienced managers have all the required know-how and methodology to drive your project in quick, efficient and structured manner. Most importantly, those who entrusted us develop their private label products very often build a long-term partnership bond with our company and share with us their success. We support our Clients in modifying and changing their products, adjusting them to latest market trends and technology requirements.

a) Process – know-how, methodology, professionalism
Sales and Project Managers respect time of our customers and focus on important milestones in the project. This supports quick progress. Basing on your inquiry you will be given information about the possible lead time, cost-driving factors and requirements of the market, including legal regulations.

Time, cost, quality and scope are controlled and shaped together with Clients.


b) Quality standards, customized market requirements
Our knowledgeable chemists in R&D Labs always have hands-on approach and strictly follow binding regulations. We suggest best solutions where fragrance power and air aroma durability is a priority. We have a significant experience on most demanding markets where the content of volatile substances is a base of additional taxation. Our production department have underwent countless audits coming from international certifying agencies and customer’s demanding quality controllers. At all times a positive opinion was granted and our products are now present all over the world regardless how high the local requirements are.

c) Some who already trusted us
To name just a couple of acknowledged brands that we have in our portfolio that we are proud to support: Tesco, E. Leclerc, Real, Carrefour, Penny Market, Michelin, Goodyear, DAP and many others whose identity we shall always keep confidential as they wish to remain so.

Summary – to cut a long story short

Our Team is always ready to develop and quickly manufacture your personalized air freshener. We approach all types of projects simple and sophisticated, economical and high-shelf. Our scents are always of the best quality coming from acclaimed European manufacturers and perfume artists. No matter if you look for exotic, standardized or best-selling solution, we either already have it or can manufacture it for You.

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