Personalized Air Freshener

Have a brilliant air freshener idea but not sure how to bring it to life? Let ELiX be your partner. We offer a complete package:

  • Custom Packaging and Graphics: We’ll propose the perfect packaging and help create your unique design.
  • Tailored Fragrances: We’ll suggest fragrances that match your customers’ preferences.
  • Legal Compliance: We’ll handle MSDS and label content to ensure it meets all regulations.
  • Laboratory Support: Count on us for full CLP/REACH compliance.

With us, you’ll receive an excellent product made in Poland, leaving you free to focus on sales. Let’s make your private label air fresheners a reality – together! Contact us now to get started.



Have a great idea but don’t know how to make it happen? – Just tell us about it, we’ll do it together. Packaging and graphics: we will propose the right packaging for the product and the possibility of creating your own graphic version Fragrances: we will propose fragrances of your product according to the tastes of your customers Legal product description: we will prepare MSDS (product safety data sheet) and propose the content of the label – so that it complies with the currently applicable law. We provide our customers with full laboratory support in the scope of legal and current CLP / REACH placing of products on the market. On time you will receive an excellent product made in Poland, the content of the label and MSDS cards – so that you can focus on sales only.


Customized Market Requirements

Our knowledgeable chemists in R&D Labs always have hands-on approach and strictly follow binding regulations. We suggest best solutions where fragrance power and air aroma durability is a priority. We have a significant experience on most demanding markets. Our production department have underwent countless audits coming from international certifying agencies and customer’s demanding quality controllers. At all times a positive opinion was granted and our products are now present all over the world regardless how high the local requirements are.

Some who already trusted us
To name just a couple of acknowledged brands that we have in our portfolio that we are proud to support: Tesco, E. Leclerc, Carrefour, Penny Market, Michelin, Goodyear, DAP, Suzuki-Maruti and many others whose identity we shall always keep confidential as they wish to remain so.

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  • Carrefour


  • 4CAR

  • Gejo

  • GeoDiz

  • Insenti


  • Rivona

  • Tesco